Irish Water Safety Sligo

Sligo Area Water Safety is the Sligo branch of Irish Water Safety (IWS), which is the statutory body established to promote water safety in Ireland.

Sligo Water Safety promotes water safety and organises water safety courses in locations throughout the county. Promotion and courses include teaching swimming, lifesaving, water safety, rescue skills and Basic Life Support.

Our Pool and Beach Lifeguards Awards are internationally recognised by the International Life Saving Federation (ILSF) to which IWS is a member.

Sligo Water Safety promotes and supports the sport of Pool and Surf Lifesaving by providing coaching and investment in equipment for the sport.


History of Enniscrone Safety Week

On the First Saturday in August, hundreds of people descended on Enniscrone pier to enrol in the town’s annual Irish Water Safety Week. The event, which actually stretches over six days, has become one of Enniscrone’s annual attractions. The town has quite an international flavour, with participants from England, France and the U.S., as well as from all corners of Ireland. The enthusiasm of record-breaking 409 participants, as well as of their families and friends,help make the Week a tremendous success.
In 2010 Karen and Paul Tighe, Jane Hanley and Daniel Hanna become our first instructors, all graduates of Enniscrone Water Safety Week, they were quickly followed by Simon Hanna, Darragh Murphy, Simon Wilson and in 2013 Luke Hanley completed one of the youngest teams of Instructors.
From 150 participants in 2010, eager young people, whose ages ranged from four to eighteen have been successfully tutored. Having a young group of instructors who give lessons that are innovative, professional, motivational and above all, fun. From ring-a-rosy to deep water resuscitation, the lessons equipped students with skills they will carry for the rest of their lives, and allowed them to come away with a new appreciation of the ocean.
In 2013, participants increased to 409, which only proves how the standard of tuition and especially the atmosphere in which it is delivered is appreciated. The contributions of parents, in the form of brownies, scones, apple tarts, sweets and biscuits helped immensely to keep spirits and energy levels high.
Mary Tighe, Amanda and Paul Hanna, Sligo WSAC work quietly in the background to ensure this event remains a top annual attraction.