Event Descriptions

Event Descriptions



With a running start into the surf from the start line on the beach, competitors swim around the 400 m (Juniors/Seniors/Masters) course designated by buoys, returning to shore to finish between the finish flags on the beach.


Competitors stand on or behind the start line on the beach with their boards 1.5m apart. At the start signal, competitors enter the water, launch their boards, and paddle the course marked by buoys, return to the beach, and run to cross the finish line.


Competitors steady their skis in line in knee-deep water about 1.5 m apart. On the starting signal, competitors paddle their skis around the course marked by buoys and return to finish when any part of the ski crosses the in-water finish line. Competitors may lose contact and control of their ski without necessarily being disqualified. To complete the race competitors must have (or have regained) their ski and paddle and cross the finish line from the seaward side while maintaining contact with the ski and paddle.


In this event, one member of the team swims approximately 120 m to a designated buoy, signals, and waits to be picked up by the second member of the team on a board. They both paddle to shore and cross the finish line on the beach with the board.


(Formerly Ironman / Ironwoman)

Competitors cover a 1400 m (approx.) course that includes a swim leg, a board leg, a ski leg, and a beach sprint finish. Conditions of racing of each leg are as generally required for the individual conditions of that discipline including the rules governing the component disciplines: surf ski races, board races, surf races, beach sprints.


Four competitors from each team participate in this event: A “victim,” one rescue tube swimmer, and two rescuers. The victim swims approximately 120 m to a designated buoy, signals, and waits to be rescued by the rescue tube swimmer. As they return to shore, the remaining two rescuers enter the water to assist. The event finishes when the first competitor in a team crosses the finish line.


From a prone starting position on the beach, competitors rise, turn and race to obtain a baton (beach flag) buried upright in the sand approximately 20 m away. Since there are always fewer batons than competitors, those who fail to obtain a baton are eliminated.


Competitors take their positions in their allotted lanes. At the starting signal, competitors race the 90 m course to the finish line. The finish is judged on the competitor’s chest crossing the finish line.


Teams of four individuals (three in Masters) compete in baton relay fashion over a 90 m course. To start, two competitors take positions in their allotted lane at each end of the course. After the start each competitor completes a leg of the course with a baton held in either hand and passes the baton at the conclusion of the first, second, and third legs to the next runner.