Nipper Registration for Still Water Surf Lifesaving Competition

Nipper Still Water Registration Opens tomorrow

Dear (Nipper) Parents,

Please note that registration for the Nipper Stillwater Surf Lifesaving Competition is scheduled to open tomorrow Monday 26th January 2015 at 12 noon and will remain open until Saturday 31st January 2015 at 12 noon.

First training is scheduled to commence on Sunday 15th February at the Regional Sports complex from 5p.m. – 6p.m.

Please check in on our Facebook page and this website for links to the relevant registration page.

Please note that due to safety reasons and coach availability spaces may be limited so please ensure that you register early to avoid disappointment.

Thank you to those who confirmed their ‘nippers’ interest in the above competition which proved to be of huge benefit in determining training requirements and sessions. Whilst we have sought to accommodate as many entrants as possible, please note that due to availability of suitable coaches and safety requirements we may only be able to accommodate a limited number of entrants.

Whilst we are very appreciative of those parents who replied to us confirming their expressions of interest please note that reservation of entry relies exclusively on the above registration so please ensure that you register early to avoid disappointment.

Please note that the relevant age category is based on the age of the entrant on the date of the national competition i.e. 11th April 2015.

Entry will be at a cost of €35.00 per entrant which we will include entry to the competition and training sessions. There is an option to purchase a surf lifesaving hat at an additional cost of €5.00. Please note that entrants must wear team hats when competing.

Many thanks,

Nipper Surflifesaving Committee.

Enniscrone Water Safety Week

Enniscrone Water Safety Week begins the FIRST Sunday in AUGUST.

The enrolment is on the Saturday 2nd at 8pm at the pier, you can get details on the website or Irish Water Safety Sligo Facebook page.


The cost is €45 for 1 child,  €60 for 2 children and €80 for 3 or more children from 1 family.   If paying by cheque, make payable to: Sligo Area Water Safety Committee, please.


Each class get 2 half hour sessions a day, and  safety and rescue levels  have a third half hour session for land drills.

Due to tides, we post the timetable daily on pier and on Facebook.  You will get the Sunday times the evening of registration.

Swim exams are on the Thursday morning usually with IWS certificate awards in the afternoon at the pier.

Safety and Rescue Exams are on the Friday, we have IWS examiners for these awards and they control the Friday exam timetable, these IWS certificates are presented the following year.   If a Self-Address-Envelope is left with the organisers, when certificates are issued from IWS Headquarters Galway we will post them on.

Irish Water Safety

Children are not required to be able to swim, these courses allows children to get used to the sea, learn the dangers and learn how to swim.

As you may know swimming in open water is totally different than the pool, with this in mind we find that a pool level should be moved down one or two levels for open water. It really depends on each child’s ability and confidence.

Children are taught personal safety around water in all levels.

  • SPLASH is very basic from 4 years, playing ring-a-ring a roses etc. putting face into water, moving around with a float etc.
  • Swim 1, begins push and glide with a float, regaining feet and putting face in water etc.
  • Swim 2, 5 mtrs swim on front, 5 mtrs swim on back, ability to turn from front to back and visa vera etc
  • Swim 3, 10 mtrs front crawl, 10 mtrs back stroke, 5 mtrs inverted breast stroke, skulling etc.
  • Swim 4, 15 mtrs front crawl, 15 mtrs back stroke, 10 mtrs breast stroke, 10 mtrs rescue stroke, treading water etc.
  • Swim 5, 25 mtrs front crawl, 25 mtrs back stroke, 25 mtrs breast stroke, 10 mtrs inverted breast stroke, 10 mtrs side stroke, straddle jump, safe entry shallow dive.

We teach Safety levels 1-4 and only when Safety 4 has been awarded can you move onto Rescue levels.

There is no age prerequisite for Safety levels.

Age prerequisite for Rescue 1 is 12 years, rescue 2 is 13 years, rescue 3 is 14 years and rescue 4 is 15 years.

If a child can swim, but doesn’t know a particular stroke, they will be taught it.   We believe a child should be put into a lower swim/safety group and the instructor will move a capable swimmer up a level (building confidence) rather than a child being moved down levels….

Children are not required to wear wet-suits, but as a growing trend all kids seem to have them now!

Kids really enjoy this week and the memory and skills they learn will be with them for life!